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About Us

Owned and operated by Dennis Gaughan and Leo Michitsch in Cleveland, Ohio, Gaughan-Michitsch Films Inc. began in downtown Cleveland before relocating to the historical Tremont neighborhood in 1995. With decades of production experience and a 2400 square foot studio place, Dennis and Leo bring a vast portfolio of knowledge, experience and equipment to any production  project.

With expertise in both film and video, the team looks forward to offering their capabilities to your project!

gmfilms cleveland ohio studio building

The Studio

Our facility includes 2400 square feet of pure studio space. Two features of the studio are an underground "pit" and crows nest, both to accomodate extreme shots. Our facility includes several conference rooms, a full kitchen, make-up room, and other amenities. Located in Cleveland's historic Tremont neighborhood right across from Lincoln Park, visitors can enjoy many fine restaurants and galleries while still having access to the excitement of downtown Cleveland.

gmfilms cleveland ohio studio dimensions blueprint

The Pit

The pit allows for theatrical stunts and extreme, low-angle camera positioning.

10x8x12 feet with three panels.

gmfilms cleveland ohio studio pit close-up Dragon and Leo standing in studio pit gmfilms cleveland ohio
gmfilms cleveland ohio studio pit overview gmfilms cleveland ohio studio pit close-up 2


This large collection of images show past sets that we have created for our various clients in both our studio and on location.

mark roberts milo motion control cleveland ohio

Featured Equipment

The Milo

Designed and built by Mark Roberts Motion Control, the Academy Award-winning Milo Motion Control system is a unique tool for film and television production. The Milo's design allows for a camera system that combines a dolly and a crane along with multiple axes of movement. The rig has the capability to reliably perform a vast range of shots - from large, live action motion to macro photography.

Using the corresponding software system also created by Mark Roberts Motion Control, Flair, complex and precise shots can be designed and programmed very easily and very quickly. Further, Flair is able to work with several CGI systems, importing and exporting data to compose integrated shots.

A wide variety of both film and HD video cameras can be used with Milo, and Flair will control an array of lenses.

mark roberts milo motion control cleveland ohio

The Milo in Motion

Milo Motion Control TurnTables


Capable of holding weight well over 440lbs. The Turntable is controlled by the same software that controls the Milo, allowing for shots to be designed in integrate, complex camera movements with a turning product.


Accommodates smaller products, and is also controlled by Flair. Due to its sturdy construction, it can easily hold 50lbs and can be rigged in multiple positions.


Outfitted with a servo motor, just like those controlling the Milo axes, making for an extremely smooth ride for the most delicate products. Turntable is ideal for macro shots. Also controlled via Flair.


For use with our alternate robotic motion control system, we also offer a turntable independent of the Milo system to allow for a multitude of configurations - depending on the needs of a shoot.

In addition to these tables we have a Slider Model Mover, which is capable of 5 feet of travel and holds up to 25lbs. It's also controlled by Milo and Flair Software.

gmfilms Slider Model Mover cleveland ohio
gmfilms Slider Model Mover with product cleveland ohio

Specialty Cameras

gmfilms Phantom Flex 4k cleveland ohio global shutter

The Phantom Flex 4k

A high-speed camera with a rolling shutter for production purposes, and a global shutter for scientific applications.

gmfilms Redweapon Monstro 8k VV cleveland ohio

The Redweapon Monstro 8k V.V.

Vista Vision sensor

LED and Tungsten

We have a full compliment of lighting and grip gear.

Our Recent Work

Table-top Jewelry Reel

This reel shows a summary of our most recent tabletop work at various angles and styles.

Table-top Food Reel

This reel shows a combination of past productions and recent takes of fast food favorites at various angles and styles.

Levian Necklace Scene

Scene of a featured product for the holidays (part one).

Three-stone Necklace Scene

Scene of a featured product for the holidays (part two).

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Other samples we made can be found at vimeo.

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